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About Us



is to spread the message of faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ by equipping disciples to engage the community, locally, and globally, for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God.







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Since 1863

Shiloh Baptist Church has been pointing souls to a better religious, social, and economic life since its beginning in 1863. By doing so, we are living in hope of a far greater life in the Promised Land.

Excerpt from Report to the Senate 1868

"There are now six churches of colored people in that city, (Alexandria) . . .

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Historic photo of Shiloh Baptist church during year 1863

Reconciliation of Congregations

The Trustee Board, the Deacon Board, the Sunday School, a church choir, and a missionary circle were formed during the 22 years service of the Rev. Henry Warring. Towards the end of his pastorate in 1913, the congregations of Shiloh and Mt. Jezreel came together for a reconciliation meeting held at Shiloh. The officers of both churches signed a reconciliation document and they all sang the song "Blest Be the Tie That Binds."

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into 20th century, shiloh Baptist church

Dedication Week of Shiloh’s Historic Sanctuary

The Annual Trustee Day in 1983 honored the original trustees of Shiloh Baptist Church with this very fitting commendation:

"Seven men along with other determined Christians pooled their resources and purchased the land on which this building (the historic sanctuary at 1401 Duke Street) now stands."

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Shiloh Baptist Church's building during 1983


Rev. Lee A. Earl (1997-2013)

In 1997, the Rev. Lee A. Earl became the eleventh pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church. The Mission Statement was reformulated and the Value and Vision Statements were added.

Rev. Earl developed a vision based on a premise of "Working Together, In Love; For His Purpose; For His Kingdom; Doing the Impossible; Caring for One Another; Caring; Growing; Sharing; Strengthening the Family; and Growing in Christ." The organizational structure of the church was defined into five ministry areas.

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Photo taken during Hope Day event at Shiloh Baptist Church


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