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Church School Registration-2014 Fall Term

  1. Core classes run continuously throughout the year and are available for all age groups. Core classes follow a traditional Church School format using the Sunday School Publishing Board curriculum. Each lesson is designed to allow participants to study and discuss God's word, current issues, and personal experiences in a small group setting.

  2. Elective Courses are held on Sundays and Mondays and cover a variety of relevant topics and issues impacting every aspect of the Christian community. Elective classes are designed for small group setting to allow maximum interaction and group discussion. Classes run 6 to 8 weeks with weekly sessions that typically run 60 to 90 minutes.

  3. Building Strong Disciples - Part 1 (Sunday and Monday) 12-week study divided into 6-week sessions. Building Strong Disciples is designed to help both new believers and longtime followers to Jesus Christ stand firm and grow stronger in their Christian walk.

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