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2014 Vacation Bible School Registration Form

  1. Complete the following information to register for Vacation Bible School.

  2. Registration Information

  3. Please use the drop menu to indicate your first, second, and third choice class.

  4. Monday-Thursday Classes

  5. The Daniel Plan

  6. Participants must eat dinner between 5:30 - 6:00 pm; Exercise participants must sign training waiver; Work-out attire required to participate in exercises; Bring water

  7. Men and Women of the Bible

  8. New Members Class

  9. Monday-Tuesday Class

  10. Courageous Love – Fruit of the Spirit

  11. Wednesday Class

  12. Family Financial Planning

  13. Wednesday-Thursday Class

  14. Grief Counseling

  15. Youth Classes

  16. Monday

  17. Youth Prayer, Learning How to Pray

  18. Tuesday

  19. The 4Ps (Perception, Peers, Pressures, and Power)

  20. Wednesday

  21. Thursday

  22. Dinner is available for $5 each night. Buy 3 nights get one free. Please select the nights you will be dining in.

    ($3 for children under 12)

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