International Mission

Shiloh's International Mission's vision is to implement Jesus' mandates as expressed in Matthew 25:31-46 and 28:19-20.

Shiloh's goal is provide supportive services and God's word to Soroti, Uganda and other areas within Uganda.

The vast majority of Ugandan households live in poverty. Shiloh is developing plans to work with the Ugandan government and local leaders to assist in the development of sustainable agricultural, educational, medical and economic growth to reduce poverty in a substantial fashion.
Shiloh's vision is to partner for improvement in the lives of individuals in Uganda. Shiloh has and continues to meet with local Ugandan government officials and ministry leaders to ensure thorough coordination between affected leaders in the Soroti area. Members of Shiloh have observed firsthand the desperate life situations of the everyday Ugandan, lack of clean water, food, employment, clothing and basic living essentials.

Mission Activities to Date

  • In October 2006, in the Soroti, Uganda area the Shiloh International Missions' Team oversaw the presentation of over 40 cows and 2 bulls to Soroti, Ugandan families. The purpose of the Cow Project was to build up Ugandan families and give them a source of renewed hope in the Lord and economic and nutritional development of each family. The Missions team also provided resources to aid in feeding and clothing 1,000 persons from the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps IDP camps in the Soroti area. The Shiloh team worked with local government and church officials to set up processes to monitor care of cows and redistribution of new cows to families in need. They developed agricultural assistant packets to aid returning displaced persons to their homes as the security situation became secure.
  • In October 2007, Shiloh's International Missions Team participated in the following activities to address the needs of flood ravaged areas in northern Uganda; we drilled a well for clean drinking water for use by over a 1,000 people and set up a well repair and inspection process with local government officials. The team distributed thousands of dollars of food, mosquito nets, medicines and clothing to over 2,000 Ugandans displaced by the heavy flooding in northern Uganda. At the end of calendar year 2007, Harambee International Development (a 501(c)(3) corporation) was organized under the umbrella of Shiloh Baptist Church to seek funding and partners from religious and non-religious sources to meet the tremendous needs of the people of northern Uganda.
  • In calendar year 2008, Harambee sought partners to assist in delivering a feeding and education program to assist in the nutritional development of women and children in northern Uganda. Our goal is to feed and clothe over 2,000 women and children in villages near the Soroti, Uganda area from Harambee's limited resource and substantially more, if able to partner with organizations with additional resources.
  • The strengths of Harambee are its close working relationship with local, national Ugandan government and religious leaders to aid in delivery of services to villages in Soroti and northern Uganda. Harambee has relationships with a large number of churches throughout the Uganda Baptist Association and can leverage their knowledge of Ugandan customs and traditions to better aid its people.

    Shiloh International Missions feel the Uganda area is fertile ground for the work of improving the lives of its people and deserving of our continuous future support. Shiloh's plan is to participate in the following range of activities over the next twenty-five years:
    • Food/animal purchases for IDP camp members;
    • Drill wells for clean drinking water;
    • Cow Project;
    • Economic education and development projects;
    • Educational improvement and support projects;
    • Shiloh Assistance Complex to administer Shiloh and Uganda interests; improve education by developing secondary school or scholarship program to local secondary schools;
    • Improve economic conditions by allowing grazing of cattle and farming on Shiloh complex to improve food distribution to needy individuals;
    • Improve medical support service to community, through education and low-cost medicines in partnership with local health organization

  • In 2009, Shiloh's International Missions Team of 15 people from three churches participated in the following activities to address the needs of northern Uganda. Shiloh and First Union Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia partnered to have a borehole/water well to provide clean drinking water for use by over a 3,000 people that was adjacent to a primary school. Additionally, a well repair and inspection process with local government officials was established too charge a small fee to maintain well. The borehole was drilled in the Kaberamaido District, one of the poorest districts in Uganda. Furthermore, Shiloh and First Union partnered in a feeding program and clothes drive distributed thousands of dollars of food, mosquito nets, medicines and clothing to over 700 families. Finally, this partnership provided scholar supplies, built a library and scholarships to schools within the Soroti area that improved the lives of over 300 students and facility members.

  • In 2010, Shiloh’s International Missions Team of 8 people participated in the following activities to address the needs of northern Uganda. Distributed food to a village that was flooded; issued backpacks and educational supplies to three schools; gave 5 scholarships; issued medical supplies to the hospital and installed a washing bay area for the women. Also 30 pastors were given pastoral training to assist with the needs of their growing congregations.
  • On December 13, 2013, the Shiloh International Missions Team lead by Interim Pastor Julian Dangerfield and Pastor Joseph Eletu of Life Renewal Ministry baptized over 100 new Christians in the River Nile. The Life Renewal Church is a daughter Church of Shiloh Baptist Church in Soroti, Uganda, east Africa. The Shiloh International Missions Team accomplished the following additional activities during the December 1-14th trip: The additional activities are:
    • Three evening evangelistic revival, preaching by Interim Pastor Dangerfield and over 70 people came to Christ;
    • Two day Pastoral Training to increase growth and development of over 30 pastors and ministerial staffs;
    • Meeting with Ugandan Government leaders; and
    • Meeting with Soroti Hospital Administrator and delivery of over 150 lbs. of medical supplies.

  • In November 2014, Shiloh’s International Missions Team went to Sao Paulo, Brazil for an urban mission trip. Interim Pastor Julian Dangerfield, Reverend Yolanda Giles and Deacon Dan Ross led a team of Shiloh members and other church ministers to the needs of our brothers and sisters in Brazil. The Team distributed food and ministered to the homeless in a city square. Members of the team distributed clothes to those in need at a low income housing complex. The team went on a day trip to a mountaintop to provide ministry support and encouragement to members of an addiction rehabilitation center. This experience broke yolks, changed lives and had everyone crying and praising God. Each night Reverend Dangerfield preached in revivals around the city and large numbers accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The team visited recreation centers to encourage children with clothes, toys, gifts and words of encouragement and support. Team members taught and ministered during a two-day conference with the theme Focus on the Family. The team also went to Rio de Janerio to visit religious sites and Brazilian culture. See attached pictures to see visual examples of God working through his servants.

  • In August 2015, Reverend Yolanda Giles led the Shiloh International Missions Team of Shiloh members and other church members to Uganda. The team visited the local hospital and provided medical supplies, visited schools and provided school supplies, and met with members of the Soroti Pastor’s and Elders Fellowship. Pastor Joseph Eletu, Senior Pastor of Life Renewal Ministry and his wife Susan hosted a reception at his lovely home for the team. The team spent extensive time on teaching children and addressing their needs. The team provided ministerial training to members of Pastor Joseph’s staff. They participated in a three-night revival near the church and hundreds accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Bishop Daniel Robertson of Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries of Richmond, Virginia preached the revival and Sunday service at Life Renewal Ministry. As part of Sunday’s service, they baptized over 150 new converts in the Nile River. The Holy Spirit was moving throughout the mission trip. See attached pictures to see visual examples of God working through his servants.

  • In October 2016, the Shiloh International Missions Team will go to the South African cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town. Deacon Dan Ross and Reverend Yolanda Giles will lead a team of Shiloh and other church members to minister as God’s agents to spread the “Good News” of Jesus Christ. The team will also visit schools, hospitals, orphanages, low income areas and provide aid and assistance as instruments of God from the members of Shiloh Baptist Church. The team will explore partnerships with local churches in the Soweto Ghetto to expand the Word of God and show the love of Christ. Please see attached flyer to learn more about going on the trip or how you can support work to be performed by Missions’ Team.