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Shiloh Baptist Church Ministry/Worship Survey

  1. Please assist Shiloh by providing useful information concerning our church and ministries that will be used to enhance everyone's Shiloh experience. All responses will be kept anonymous. When completed, please press the Submit button at the end of the survey.

  2. Demographic Questions

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  4. What is your gender?*

  5. Years as a member of Shiloh*

  6. Marital Status*

  7. Please select the response that most accurately reflects your opinion for each

  8. Which worship service do you normally attend?

  9. Please rank your responses from 1-5, with 1 indicating the primary reason you attend the service and 5 being the least important reason for attending the service

  10. What do you find most meaningful about Sunday worship? (please check all that apply)

  11. Which ministry area(s) do you participate in and/or lead?

  12. Based on the ministry area(s) you serve, please provide feedback on the following questions in the following manner: Strongly Agree(1), Moderate (2), Slight (3), Disagree (4), Don't Know (5)

  13. My participation has increased at Shiloh because of: (check all that apply)

  14. Thank for your participation!

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