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2017 Women of Destiny Survey

  1. The Women of Destiny team would like to hear from you. This information will be used to plan engaging and inviting events. Once you reach the end of the survey, please press the Submit button.
  2. Please rank your interest in the following women's ministry areas.
  3. Fun and Fellowship
  4. Serving Together
  5. Outreach
  6. Support in Crisis
  7. Leading Women To Christ
  8. Discipleship
  9. Small Groups
  10. Bible Studies
  11. Mentoring
  12. Are you interested in joining a small group Bible study?
  13. If yes, What topics are you interested in studying?
    Check all that apply.
  14. Which of the following women's ministry areas would you be interested in servicing?
    Check all that apply
  15. If willing to serve in one of the areas above. (Name, email, and telephone number)
  16. What is your age?
  17. What is your marital status?
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