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Shiloh Baptist Church Evaluation of Scripture Survey

  1. How often do you attend church/Sunday Worship?

  2. What is the main reason you attend church/Sunday Worship?

  3. How often do you participate regularly in Bible Study?

  4. What is your history with the Bible?

  5. What is your current relationship with the Bible?

  6. How often do you read the Bible?

  7. What translation of the Bible do you prefer?

  8. What challenges do you face/identify in reading of the Bible?

  9. Acknowledge if you agree with the following statements.

  10. The Bible is authoritative in your life.

  11. The Bible is relevant for everyday life.

  12. The Bible is the Word of God.

  13. Any and every passage from Scripture is the word of God.

  14. The Bible is literally true or should be taken literally.

  15. How often do you disagree with Scripture?

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