Scholarship Ministry

The Scholarship Ministry provides financial assistance to enhance the ability of students to achieve their academic goals and develop skills needed for the future.

Applying For Scholarship and Financial Aid
The term Financial Aid covers all the different options out there to help you pay for college. Despite the fact that the costs of college are high, the good news is there is a lot of financial aid available- billions of dollars are given to students every year — and some of that could be yours. Please review the
Applying for Scholarship and Financial Aid for additional details.

Scholarship Opportunities

2020 Shiloh Freshman Scholarship

  • Applications for the Shiloh Baptist Scholarship must be submitted by June 7, 2020. This is a merit-based scholarship for high school seniors. This is a one-time non-renewable award.

    Click here for more information and to apply
2020 Hello Neighbor Award (Non Member)
  • Applications for the Hello Neighbor Scholarship must be submitted by June 7, 2020. This is a non-member award for a graduating high senior from TC Williams or a neighboring Alexandria City Private High School. This is a one-time non-renewable award.

     Click here for more informtation and to apply.

2020 Steller Upperclassmen Scholarship

  • Applications for the 2020 Steller Upperclassman Scholarship must be submitted by June 7, 2020. This is an award for college upperclassmen who have excelled in academia. This is a one-time non-renewable award.

     Click here for more information and to apply.
Smithsonian Minority Awards Program
Internships are available for undergraduate and beginning graduate students to participate in research or museum-related activities. Appointments are full-time (40 hours per week), for ten weeks during the summer, fall, or spring. Stipends are $550 per week, with additional travel allowances offered in some cases and a small research allowance for visiting students. Deadlines are February 1 (Summer & Fall) and October 1 (Spring). Please visit the
website to apply.

Scholarship Search
This link will provide access to an online tool that can help you locate scholarships, internships, grants, and loans that match your education level, talents, and background. Complete the brief questionnaire and Scholarship Search will find potential opportunities from a database of more than 2,300 sources of college funding, totaling nearly $3 BILLION in available aid.

Fastweb Scholarship Search
This link will provide access to a tool that can search for scholarships and will compare your background with a database of awards. Only those awards that fit your profile will be identified as matches. The FastWeb scholarship search is the largest, most accurate and most frequently updated scholarship database. If you supply an email address, they will notify you when new awards that match your profile are added to the database. You can even submit an electronic application to some of the scholarships listed in the FastWeb scholarship database.

Fast Aid
This link will provide access to a database of scholarships for undergraduate students (i.e. Freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior).

Internship & Fellowship Opportunities

Summer Internships and Fellowship Opportunities for Students of Color

Collegiate Connection Ministry

Academic Christian Education Tutorial Program

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