Children’s Ministry

The Children's Ministry is focused on helping children can grow and develop into spiritual teens, young adults, and ultimately spiritual men / women of God, who will make a lasting impact for the Kingdom of Christ. Through the various children's ministries here at Shiloh, we believe that a firm spiritual foundation can be made that will anchor our children forever.

Available Activities & Events

Children's Church
Sunday, 11:00 am
Second, Third & Fourth Sunday
Location - Worship Center, 1401 Jamieson Avenue, Alexandria, VA

Church School provides the opportunity to draw all ages to the knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ, through the study of God’s word through a holistic church school program.

Children's Choir

Children’s Ministry Partnerships

Children’s Ministry also partners with many of the following ministries in the church to further facilitate the spiritual development of our children:

ACE: Academic Christian Education Tutorial Program Nursery
Children's Worship & Liturgical Arts Student Services
Church School Vacation Bible School

All attendees are asked to fill-out a registration for each of their children. Parents of children attending the nursery must sign their children both in and out of the nursery each Sunday.


In the unlikely event of a building emergency, we will exit the building immediately and convene near the Historic Sanctuary. Do not go to your child's class. Parents will be reunited with their children outside the Historic Sanctuary.


Children’s Church and the nursery are in recess the second Sunday of each month. All Children's Ministry activities are in recess during the months of July and August. Children’s Ministry activities resume the second Sunday in September. Children’s Ministry activities area also in recess for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For additional information, please contact the Children's Ministry Director, Brother Taj Jones.